Terms & Conditions


Your purchase of Products or Services, whether through SCHOT INTL website or telephone call, is subject to these Terms and no other terms or conditions shall apply. These Terms override any other terms or conditions referred to by Customer or in any course of dealing.


The prices of Products or Services are those which apply at the time of Customer’s Order.

All Product prices displayed not include VAT (or other revenue tax). Additional charges such as shipping or handling costs, transport insurance, levies or charges of any authorities, or otherwise required by applicable law may be charged in addition to the applicable Product price and will be indicated to you prior to placing the Order on SCHOT INTL website or communicated to you by the salesman and will also be set out in the Invoice sent to you by e-mail.


Customer must tender payment (via an accepted credit card or other payment means accepted by SCHOT INTL) in the currency as indicated in the Invoice, on or before the delivery of Products or Services unless otherwise agreed with SCHOT INTL. Invoicing and payment collection by SCHOT INTL may be effected through third parties.

SCHOT INTL may take payment for your Order before sending your Product. However, the taking of payment shall in no case constitute acceptance of your Offer or the conclusion of a contract. If we are unable to deliver your Order after having taken payment, you will be reimbursed in full.

For credit card payments, Customer must provide his or her valid credit card number and other requested details either in the relevant purchase “check-out” section of the relevant SCHOT INTL website. For Orders placed using credit cards, SCHOT INTL will take payment in full within 48 hours of receipt of your Order.


Products or Services will be delivered or rendered to mainland delivery addresses in Asia. SCHOT INTL will use its discretion in selecting a reputable carrier and appropriate means of delivery.


SCHOT INTL aims to deliver promptly. However, there may be reasons for SCHOT INTL’s inability to ship according to its target dates (most of which are beyond SCHOT INTL’s control). Accordingly, any dates given by SCHOT INTL for the delivery of Products or rendering of Services are estimate only, and SCHOT INTL cannot and does not undertake that delivery will occur on any specified dates, except in the event such delivery dates have been explicitly confirmed by SCHOT INTL as binding.

If Products cannot be delivered or Services rendered by any estimated or target dates given by SCHOT INTL, SCHOT INTL may elect to cancel the order and refund any money paid by the Customer. If the delay of delivery is not due to gross negligence or intent on SCHOT INTL’s side, SCHOT INTL is solely liable to refund any money paid by the Customer to SCHOT INTL; right for damages based on delay in such an event is excluded.

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