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Epson The Just Add Power company (http://justaddpower.com/index.html) was founded in 1992 by a group of former employees from the IBM Corporation. Its design and manufacturing philosophy is evlutionary, not revolution. The motivation behind the company and the name was to come to the market with an intertion to totally support customers with appplications that were easy to use. Just as important as east to use, was keeping its focus on providing products that would protect the sustomer investment in a Just Add Power solution. The company has navigated through the last 25+ years as a specialty hardware deive company for niche markets. 


With the 2009 introduction of the HDIPsolution for distribuing HDMI®over IP networks, the Just Add Power brandn as now become well known across many new markets. Just like the VGA based training systems they first developed in 1990's, the HDIPdevices have all been designed to have a product lifespan that is measured in decades, not months.


The company takes pride in knowing that their evolutioary product design philosophy not only protects the client's investment, an HD/IP system from Just Add Power also increases in value over time.




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