144x144 Modular Matrix Switcher

144x144 Modular Matrix Switcher
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Product Code: AVS-MX-FF
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AVS-MX-FF Modular Matrix Switcher supports 2K and 4K signal, is a high-performance audio and video signal professional switching and transmission equipment to support High-Definition digital signals and High-Definition analog signals. With the open & variety rack design, it meets the needs of a variety of small and medium-sized applications of high-speed switching video and audio signal. It supports HDMI HDbaseT twisted pair for 4K (UHD) content transmissions. Also, it supports to use a variety of HDMI, DVI, SDI, HDbaseT, single-mode fiber optic input / output card synchronously, while the card provides audio embedding / extraction. Every signal card is equipped with four connections, and with up to 36 input cards and 36 output cards, up to 144x144.


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